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About the Gooand Reply Center

Our Response Center, which we call “Gooand Reply”, was created to resolve as many questions as possible about the characteristics of our services, the scope of our managements, our work system, the plans and programs we offer and any information published on our platform / s.

It is currently in beta and in development mode, so some features may not be available. We apologize for the inconvenience that this stage may cause you and, if there is any response that you do not find useful, you can collaborate with Gooand Reply, or contact our team.If you are a Gooand client, you will soon have access to private answers that will help you answer the most frequent questions with a few clicks, without waiting for a response from our support teams.

If you are part of our team, you will soon receive updates that include a specially designed Answer Center for our Gooand Work program.

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